Macarons to Qvisten releaseparty!

My latest macaron order was made for Qvisten animation's book release. I developed the design together with Alexandra, a producer at the company. Qvisten is Scandinavias biggest animation studio. They have summed up 22,9 years of the amazing animation history in an inspiring book. The front is decorated with a tattooed cow, and the tattoos resemble characters developed by Qvisten studio. You can go check out Qvisten's productions at

Qvisten animation has a thing for cows, no wonder, cows are nice! There were so much nice details in this bookcover I got use for, so it was easy to develop a nice macaron design in a comic strip style. But first I filled the macarons with black liquorice fudge (find the recipe here) .

I coloured fondant with Progel colours, rolled it out to thin sheets and cut figures with a razorblade by hand. Note! If you want to use this method, kneed some CMC (cellulose) into the fondant because it makes the fondant dry much faster and makes it easier to work with. If you don´t have CMC you just have to wait for half an hour or more to be able to cut figures without them losing shape.

For the comic strip kind of style I painted black thick lines with a pen containing edible colouring. Fondant, Progel, CMC and pen I bought at They also have a store in Oslo at Kongens gate 16.

Then I added the figures to the macarons with edible glue (also bought at cacas store). Note! Only use a small amount of glue or the fondant could break. You can also make your own edible glue:



60 ml (1/4 cup) warm water

5 g gumpaste


Combine warm water and gumpaste in a small container. Use a fork to break up the ball of gumpaste, so that it dissolves completely.


3 parts cornsyrup

1 part water


Mix well, that's all!

Spooky but scrumptious!

Serving macarons! At the event I wore a Fan Thomas T-shirt. It is a hilarious comic series about a Norwegian hairdresser, made by Qvisten animation.

Here I am serving Ove Heiborg some macarons, he is one of the funders of Qvisten animation. Not only is he a creative genius but also a lovely person and a big fan of Kiss! In a later blogg I will show you how I made his birthday cake in Kiss style, hell yeah!

Folks! If you go to Dagny´s café in Oslo (click on link) you will see this exact cow in natural size! So crazy cool!

#qvisten #cake #bake #animation #edible #glue #CMC #gumpaste #skull

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