Hello Kitty unicorn macaron

Ok this unicorn thing has already had it´s peak but I want to share this recipe because this macaron with filling tastes just as scrumptious as it looks cute. First of all, make a Hello Kitty macaron template. It is easy to make your own just by drawing Hello Kitty's contour on a post-it and transfer it onto a baking sheet just like the picture below.

In a previous blog I showed you how to make macarons, you can find that here.

Now, pipe the head of cute little Kitty first. I used a piping tip of 6 mm. Some suggest you just make the ears by dragging the macaron batter out with a toothpick. I tried that but I don´t think it looked good, because the ears tend to fuse too much with the head.

Instead, fill another piping bag and use a piping tip of 4 mm, and make an upside down "V" for each ear. And this is how they ended up.

I decided to give the unicorn macarons a shimmering look, to make them sparkle. I used Squires Kitchen metallic lustre dust and dry brushed the macarons.

To be honest I was not as pleased with the result as if I had used the lustre spray from PME. That spray really makes everything sparkle but be careful not to spray too much or it will end up just silvery. But that spraycan is an expensive sucker and gets empty quickly while the lustre dust lasts a long time. Both of them can be bought at cacas.no

Next thing, the most timeconsuing, was to make the decorations.It had to be something kawaii and rainbowy. So I made that with fondant and one teaspoon CMC (cellulose) to make it dry faster. Note! CMC also makes the fondant less smooth and brittle so don´t use too much!

As you can see I rolled stripes in different colours and then used a pin-roller to make them stick together. It reminds me of Mario Kart Rainbow road, sweet.

I had the perfect cutter formed like the bow for Hello Kitty. If you don´t have that, just cut three cirkles with piping tips, put one smaller on top of two bigger. There are so many variations how to make Kitty´s bow. Mine is just to make a hole on each side of the bow like in the picture.

Made some hearts too, one with text HELLO. The text cutter I bought at søstrenegrene

by the way, but are not used in the making of these unicorns.

Now time to make the unicorn horn. Some use macaron batter to make the horn, but I wanted it to look more like an actual horn, than a bump on the head.

I made each horn from white fondant, added yellow food colouring paste and then a small amount of CMC (cellulose) so they'll dry faster. A few hours later I painted them in edible gold with powder from Squires kitchen again. The powder can be used for painting if a cople of drops of alcohol is added.

For these macarons I imagined salted caramel and saffron would be a scrumptious combo. I have tried several recipes with salted caramel, but all of them are simply too runny, just ending up with sticky macarons. So I made my own recipe.



RECIPE (for 25 macarons)

80 g of sugar

35 g cream 3%

1 tbs maizena flour

80 g butter in cubes

0,5 g of saffron

3 g salt


1. Melt sugar in a thick-bottomed saucepan. Stir every once a minute and make sure it does not burn. It is done when the colour is light brownish.

2. Remove the saucepan from the stove. Add the cream and maizena flour and stir continuously.

3. Let the caramel cool down then whisk in cubes of cold butter together with saffron. Finally add the salt. Put it in the fridge to cool down completely.

Then I brushed the unicorn horn with edible gold glitter. Sparkling indeed!

The glitter is somekind of a german brand I got from a friend. Have no idea where to order it sorry!

The eyes and nose I made with small dots of fondant. You can of course make those with royal icing but then it´s harder to get that right shape of eyes and nose. The nose was painted just like the unicorn horn and dusted with goldglitter.

Then I glued the bow on the macaron. Recipe how to make your own glue you can find here. I sprinkled the sides of the filling with crumbles of the same fondant I made the rainbow. The cheeks I dry brushed with a pink glitter powder bought at cacas.no

So here they are, the Hello Kitty unicorn macarons. These custom made macarons was for Dagny when she opened Dagny´s café in Oslo. Go check it out here!

Dagny´s café

In my next blog I make a Hello Kitty unicorn tricolour cheesecake for a birthday! Read all about it soon!

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