Sugarpaste figures

This is a technique how to transfer a figure onto sugarpaste.


1. Choose a graphic image (or just sketch one yourself as I did).

2. Print the image in reverse/mirror.

3. Place a parchment paper over the reversed image and trace it with a pencil

4. Roll fondant to 3 mm thickness. It is a good idea to blend in some CMC to make it dry faster but this also makes the fondant more brittle so be careful.

5. Flip the traced image over and tape it on the sugarpaste with drawing side down. Rub the lines gently with the pencil until all the image is transferred. Then outline the image with a black pen with edible ink. You can buy that at

6. Now wait at least two hours before you cut the figure out with a utility knife.

7. Now you can dry-dust (or wet paint) the figure with edible paint. Done!

Note! The bow on the female bunny I cut from another piece of fondant, shimmer dusted it and mounted it with edible glue.

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